AIG + All Blacks

The All Blacks are a truly historic team with an unmatched tradition of success and the first team to be named back to back World Champions.

As a leading insurer around the world, AIG too has a tradition of strength – like the All Blacks, we have also faced adversity, and have the resolve it takes to beat the odds. If no one expected a country of 4.4 million to have the world’s greatest rugby team, then no one expected AIG to again become the global leader it is today.

We at AIG admire the All Blacks’ drive and see them – for their performance, strength, integrity, and tenacity – as the embodiment of the spirit with which we strive to work each day. Just as the All Blacks never give up during a game, AIG never gives up on its clients, doing everything we can to help them come out ahead through challenging times. We strive to bring to our clients and partners the same passion that the All Blacks bring to the game and their fans. Both AIG and the players in Black work tirelessly for the same goals. AIG respects the All Blacks, the tradition they represent, and the future they envision. We are confident that we can help them build that future. We hope the All Blacks can inspire AIG to build an even better company, and we hope AIG’s partnership helps the All Blacks build an even better team.


SharedValues Preparation2


Continued success through our focus on preparation. 


We endeavour to know our subject from the inside out, from top to bottom. This expertise allows us to take measure of our clients’ risks and underwrite their businesses and, in turn, their dreams and goals accordingly. Our in-depth preparation, allows our customers to be prepared to face the future with confidence. 


In the All Blacks environment this level of preparation is said to go ‘bone-deep’. It comes from the understanding that the best preparation allows players to perform with both freedom and without the fear of failure. This is reflected in the expert research and analysis that informs their mental and physical training.


Members of the All Blacks trying out the Haka 360 Experience2 INNOVATION

Industry and global leaders in innovation.


To remain at the forefront of risk management, AIG are constantly investing in innovation. Innovation in research, innovation in servicing models and innovation in assessing risks and ensuring the best cover and results for our customers. This future-focused approach means we have been leaders in our field for nearly 100 years. 


The All Blacks are constantly looking for the ‘edge’ they can get over their opponents. Innovation both on and off the field is crucial in maintaining the smallest of advantages that make all the difference at the end of a gruelling rugby test match. The All Blacks are innovation leaders in the world of rugby, they innovate and change the game, where other teams follow.



SharedValue GlobalCommunity2GLOBAL COMMUNITY

Unmatched longevity, reach and legacy, grounded in local communities.


The story of AIG is one of longevity, scale and reach. While we have an unmatched global network giving us incredible strength and expertise as an organization, our human touch and involvement in local communities is a key factor in our continued success. We operate in over 90 countries worldwide but understand that every office we operate is anchored in a local community that can benefit from our support. 


The All Blacks are the most recognised rugby team in the world. With their unparalleled winning record and over 100 years of history, they represent the pinnacle of rugby. Competing internationally, they are respected for their long-lasting dominance and rich tradition of success. They are also highly dedicated to their local community and staying connected to their fans is a critical team objective. Highly visible in New Zealand, rugby is woven into the fabric of society, and the All Blacks are considered international ambassadors for the country


SharedValues Safety2SAFETY

Leading the way in risk management to provide a safer future for our clients.


At AIG, mitigating risk to create a safe and secure future ensures piece of mind for our clients - a key to our core business. Through technological research and community development programmes, we are working towards a safer future every day. 


To become the world’s best requires the relentless pushing of body and mind through intense training and a rigorous schedule. A strict safety protocol is followed to ensure minimal risk of injury, a crucial factor to the ongoing success of the players and team. As global ambassadors for the sport of rugby, it is also imperative to follow these procedures to minimise injury to opposition and set a good example for fans and aspiring players.