The All Blacks are a truly historic team with an unmatched tradition of success and the first team to be named back-to-back World Champions.

As a leading insurer around the world, AIG too has a tradition of strength – like the All Blacks, we have also faced adversity, and have the resolve it takes to beat the odds. If no one expected a country of 4.5 million to have the world’s greatest rugby team, then no one expected AIG to again become the global leader it is today.

We at AIG admire the All Blacks’ drive and see them – for their performance, strength, integrity, and tenacity – as the embodiment of the spirit with which we strive to work each day. Just as the All Blacks never give up during a game, AIG never gives up on its clients, doing everything we can to help them come out ahead through challenging times. We strive to bring to our clients and partners the same passion that the All Blacks bring to the game and their fans. Both AIG and the players in black work tirelessly for the same goals.

AIG respects the All Blacks, the tradition they represent, and the future they envision. We hope the All Blacks can inspire AIG to build an even better company, and we hope AIG’s partnership helps the All Blacks build an even better team.